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Top Of The Lake Guiding - Glenorchy NZ
Lake and Mountain scene NZ


Why Top Of The Lake Guiding?

Top Of The Lake Guiding offers a genuine kiwi experience with all of our activities. Your guide is professional and knowledgeable through all aspects of what we offer. We have thorough Health & Safety procedures in place and most of all, we care about you and what you want to get out of your adventure with us.
Do I need to have prior experience?
You do not need to have had any prior experience in the activities we offer. We take pride in helping you to achieve your goals or aspirations. We cater to a range of different fitness levels and can provide you with all the necessary knowledge to make your trip with us enjoyable.
Do I need a License?
The only Licence that is required is if you are taking part in our Fly Fishing Trips. This can be purchased through https://fishandgame.org.nz/licences/buy-a-licence/ or from our local Queenstown Hunting and Fishing store. If you cannot access these we can organise for you upon request.
Do I have to bring my own equipment?
We recommend bringing along your own essential equipment. We provide a list of items that is recommended to bring with each trip we offer. If you don’t have certain items then you have the option to hire from us.
If you’re travelling from overseas and wish to bring your own firearm you will need to go through the correct documentation that can be found here on the NZ Police website:
What if the weather forecast is bad?
Your Guide has the right to reschedule at any time due to poor weather conditions. Please note that cancellations due to weather are at the Guides discretion only as there may be other locations we can utilise on the day. Alternatively, we will aim to organise another day with you and if this is not possible we will offer a full refund.
What sort of footwear do I need?
With any trip we offer here at Top Of The Lake Guiding we highly recommend wearing footwear with ankle support, a comfortable sole and preferably water resistant.
Can my trip be personalised?
We understand that during your travels you may be limited with time or want to fill in more time. We offer trips from Half Days to Extended Multi Day Excursions. You are welcome to get in touch with us to discuss something more customised to you. A customised experience can give you the flexibility in price or duration depending on what type of trip you wish to have with us.
What if the people I am travelling with don’t want to partake any of the trips you offer?
If the members of your group are not interested in Hunting, Fishing or Hiking there are still many other activities they can do to fill in their time. We can help with these options to make your experience here stress free whether it be organising something for them to do in Glenorchy or Queenstown.
Where do I stay?
We offer a range of accommodation options; from a Luxury Homestead, Farm Cottage, Backcountry Hut or Wilderness Camp. This allows us to give you a customised experience and flexibility in price depending on what type of trip you wish to have with us.
Is there a Cancellation Policy?
Yes there is, however we are understanding of different situations that may arise. Please follow the link below for more information about our Cancellation Policy in our Terms and Conditions.
How do I make payment?
Payment can be made via bank transfer or cash in NZ dollars. Fees will apply with overseas bank transfers and credit card transactions.

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